Web App Assessments

Service Overview

In an era where web applications serve as the backbone of business operations, ensuring their security is paramount. Malleum’s Web Application Security Assessments are designed to fortify your applications against the most sophisticated and prevalent threats. Through comprehensive testing, we identify vulnerabilities such as injection flaws, broken authentication mechanisms, and exposed sensitive data. Our service doesn’t just highlight areas for improvement—it offers actionable solutions that enhance both the security and functionality of your applications, ensuring they are robust against both common and complex threats. This proactive stance on security helps protect your applications from becoming entry points for attackers, safeguarding your critical business data and maintaining uninterrupted business operations.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Application Security
Our assessments rigorously test your web applications to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. By strengthening your applications against potential breaches, we help safeguard your critical data and user information, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.
Compliance with Standards
We ensure that your web applications comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, and others. This compliance not only helps you avoid costly penalties but also builds trust with users by demonstrating a commitment to data security.
Improved User Trust and Satisfaction
Secure applications are crucial for maintaining customer trust. Our assessments help ensure that user data is protected against breaches, enhancing user confidence and satisfaction. This can lead to increased user engagement and loyalty, which are vital for business success.
Optimized Application Performance
Security assessments often reveal opportunities to optimize code and improve performance. By identifying inefficiencies and potential improvements, our service helps enhance the speed and responsiveness of your applications, providing a better user experience.
Strategic Risk Management
Identifying and addressing application vulnerabilities contributes to your broader risk management strategy. This proactive approach helps prioritize security investments and resource allocation, enhancing overall business resilience.
Secure Innovation
As you innovate and update your web applications, our security assessments ensure that new features and changes do not introduce vulnerabilities. This allows your development team to innovate confidently, knowing that security is integrated into every stage of application development.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to Web Application Security Assessments is meticulously designed to ensure a deep and comprehensive evaluation of your applications. Our method transcends traditional automated scanning by integrating advanced manual testing techniques, which mimic the sophisticated strategies used by real-world attackers. This approach not only targets the common vulnerabilities identified in the OWASP Top 10 but also extends to more intricate and lesser-known security weaknesses.

1. Advanced Intelligence Gathering

We conduct detailed intelligence gathering to map out the digital landscape of your application. This includes identifying both external and internal resources that interact with your application, such as APIs, third-party services, and underlying servers. Our team meticulously catalogs these components to prepare for targeted testing, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

2. Manual and Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Leveraging both manual techniques and automated tools, we perform comprehensive vulnerability scanning across your application. While automated tools help in quickly identifying known vulnerabilities, our manual testing delves deeper into complex areas such as custom business logic, which often eludes standard automated solutions. This dual approach ensures a balanced and thorough vulnerability assessment.

3. Real-World Exploitation Simulation

Our experts manually simulate attack scenarios to verify identified vulnerabilities, assessing their exploitability and potential impact. This stage is crucial for understanding the real-world implications of each security flaw, including unauthorized data access, system compromise, and other critical exposures. Our ethical exploitation provides clear insights into how an attacker could leverage these vulnerabilities, and the potential pathways to sensitive data or critical systems.

4. Post-Exploitation Analysis

If authorized, we proceed to post-exploitation activities to determine how deep an attacker could penetrate into the system and the possible lateral movements within the network. This includes identifying subsequent vulnerabilities that could be exploited following an initial breach, helping to map out potential attack chains and the cascading effects of security failures.

5. Detailed Reporting and Strategic Remediation

At the conclusion of our assessment, we compile a comprehensive report that not only details our findings but also provides contextual analysis and prioritized remediation strategies. Each recommendation is designed to fortify your application against both current and emerging threats, enhancing your overall security posture.