CPCSC Compliance Journey

Service Overview

The Canadian Program for Cyber Security Certification (CPCSC) is a critical initiative designed to fortify the cybersecurity posture of suppliers working with the Government of Canada’s defence sector. As a regulatory requirement for bidding on select defence contracts, CPCSC compliance not only protects national security interests but also aligns with international cybersecurity standards. Malleum’s CPCSC Compliance Services provide a structured pathway to certification, ensuring your organization meets or exceeds the rigorous requirements set out by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). This certification is pivotal for maintaining access to valuable government contracts and enhancing your competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Key Benefits

Access to Defence Contracts
Achieving CPCSC compliance is essential for accessing government defence contracts that necessitate rigorous cybersecurity measures. This certification not only ensures your eligibility for these contracts but also demonstrates your commitment to national security. By meeting CPCSC standards, your organization can actively participate in defence-related projects, securing a stream of significant and stable revenue from governmental bodies.
Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures
CPCSC compliance aligns your cybersecurity practices with international standards, specifically incorporating measures from NIST SP 800-171 and 800-172, which are also the basis for US DoD's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. This alignment enhances your cybersecurity to a level recognized globally, significantly strengthening your IT infrastructure against threats.
Competitive Advantage
CPCSC certification sets your business apart as a secure and dependable entity in a competitive market. This distinction is particularly significant when partnering with other industries requiring high-security standards and can be a decisive factor in contract awards. Compliance with CPCSC not only improves your market position but also boosts your reputation as a leader in cybersecurity practices, attracting more business opportunities and partnerships.

Our Approach

Embarking on your CPCSC compliance journey with Malleum ensures a structured, clear path to certification. Though CPCSC and CMMC are distinct programs, they share common elements and the Government of Canada hopes the programs will become interchangeable to Canadian DND and US DoD requirements. Our methodology is designed to be comprehensive and client-focused, ensuring success through every phase of the certification process:

1. CPCSC Readiness Assessment

We initiate with a detailed assessment of your cybersecurity practices against CPCSC standards. This includes analysis based on NIST SP 800-171 and NIST SP 800-172 guidelines, which form the basis of both CPCSC and CMMC frameworks. This step sets a solid foundation for all subsequent compliance activities.

2. Customized Compliance Roadmap

Utilizing insights from the initial assessment, we craft a personalized compliance roadmap. This strategic plan addresses identified gaps and ensures alignment with CPCSC requirements, meticulously planning each step towards compliance without disrupting your operational continuity.

3. Implementation Support

Our team provides extensive support in implementing the necessary cybersecurity controls and processes. This hands-on guidance helps in adapting your current systems and practices to meet the stringent standards set by the CPCSC.

4. Certification Preparation and Support

We assist in preparing your organization for the external assessments required under CPCSC, similar to the CMMC process. Our support extends to ensuring that all requirements are met and that your team is well-prepared for the certification audits.

5. Continuous Improvement and Compliance Maintenance

After achieving certification, we continue to support your organization in maintaining CPCSC compliance. This includes regular updates and continuous improvement strategies to address evolving cybersecurity threats and standards, ensuring your compliance remains robust over time.

6. Ongoing Support and Maintenance as Required

After achieving certification, we remain committed to supporting your organization. Whether it’s adapting to updates in CPCSC requirements or providing periodic reviews, our ongoing support ensures your compliance remains robust and current.

By partnering with Malleum, you gain not just a service provider but a partner dedicated to enhancing your cybersecurity resilience and compliance capabilities.