Elevating Cyber Resilience in Aviation: Secure Skies, Safe Travel


The aviation industry, vital for global connectivity, faces unique cybersecurity challenges that are amplified by its reliance on complex interconnected systems and international data exchanges. Threats range from data breaches affecting passenger privacy to sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure that could jeopardize flight safety. As aviation technology evolves, so does the landscape of cyber threats, demanding robust and dynamic security solutions.

Malleum is adept at navigating the intricate cybersecurity needs of the aviation sector. With specialized expertise in protecting both airborne and ground-based systems, Malleum offers tailored cybersecurity services that address the specific threats facing airlines, air navigation service providers, and aviation manufacturers. By integrating advanced cybersecurity measures, Malleum ensures that all facets of aviation operations are protected against evolving cyber threats, enhancing safety and maintaining public trust in air travel.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the aviation industry is characterized by a deep understanding of the sector’s unique operational and technological complexities. We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that encompass penetration testing, risk assessments, threat modeling, system security enhancements, and regulatory compliance support, tailored to the specific needs of aviation clients.

Our team collaborates closely with aviation stakeholders to identify vulnerabilities, implement effective security controls, and provide ongoing support. This proactive and integrated strategy not only secures critical infrastructure but also supports compliance with international aviation cybersecurity standards, such as those set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Malleum’s dedicated focus on cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and strategies ensures that aviation clients can achieve the highest levels of security and resilience.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Protecting Passenger Data
Malleum can implement cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to ensure the protection of passenger data across all digital touchpoints in the airline industry. This includes robust encryption and access control measures to secure personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access and data breaches.
PCI-DSS Compliance
Malleum is capable of guiding airlines through the process of achieving and maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance. By securing payment systems, we help protect sensitive cardholder information, prevent financial fraud, and build passenger trust.
Ground Systems Security
Malleum can enhance the security of critical ground systems such as ticketing and baggage handling. We focus on fortifying these systems against cyber threats, ensuring operational continuity, and safeguarding sensitive data integral to airport operations.
Large IT and OT Network Security
Malleum offers comprehensive security solutions tailored for airlines with extensive IT and operational technology (OT) networks. Our services include technical testing and system hardening, which protect against cyber threats and enhance the resilience of vast network systems.
Air Navigation Service Providers
Navigation Systems Protection
Malleum can secure critical navigation and air traffic control systems to protect against cyberattacks that could compromise flight path integrity. This includes implementing robust cybersecurity measures to defend against threats that target air traffic control operations.
System Redundancy and Resilience
Malleum is capable of designing redundant system architectures that ensure continuity of air navigation services even during cyber incidents. This approach enhances operational resilience and minimizes downtime.
Advanced Cybersecurity Training and Simulation
Malleum can provide advanced cybersecurity training and simulation exercises tailored to the specific needs of air navigation environments. These training programs are designed to enhance the skills of cybersecurity teams, enabling them to identify, respond to, and mitigate sophisticated threats through realistic scenarios and hands-on practice.
Incident Response Planning
Malleum can develop comprehensive incident response strategies to swiftly restore air navigation services following a cyber incident. This planning ensures rapid recovery and continuity of critical operations.
Aviation Parts Manufacturer
Supply Chain Risk Management
Malleum can apply comprehensive cybersecurity measures to manage and mitigate risks across the aviation parts supply chain. This includes securing all stages from design to delivery, ensuring the integrity of components and systems.
Intellectual Property Protection
Malleum can protect sensitive designs and proprietary manufacturing processes from industrial espionage and cyber theft. This includes securing digital assets and physical manufacturing facilities to safeguard valuable intellectual property.
Regulatory Compliance Audits
Malleum is equipped to conduct regular audits to ensure that aviation parts manufacturers comply with industry-specific cybersecurity standards and regulations. This helps maintain adherence to legal and operational requirements.
Secure Manufacturing Systems
Malleum can ensure the security of manufacturing systems and networks, preventing disruptions and maintaining product integrity. This involves fortifying IT and operational technology systems used in manufacturing.