SCADA Security Assessments

Service Overview

Malleum’s SCADA Security Assessments are designed to enhance the security of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which are crucial for managing industrial operations in sectors like energy, utilities, and manufacturing. These assessments identify vulnerabilities in SCADA networks, devices, and software, ensuring that your operational technology (OT) environments are protected against both internal and external cyber threats. By conducting thorough evaluations and employing best-practice methodologies, we help safeguard critical infrastructure from disruptions and compromises.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Protection of Critical Infrastructure
Our SCADA Security Assessments provide comprehensive protection for critical systems and networks, reducing the risk of cyber threats that could lead to operational disruptions or safety incidents. By securing these systems, your organization ensures the continuous, reliable operation of essential services.
Mitigation of Operational Risks
By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in SCADA systems, these assessments help mitigate risks that can lead to costly downtime and operational inefficiencies. This proactive approach saves time and resources by preventing incidents before they impact your operations.
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
SCADA Security Assessments ensure that your systems comply with industry regulations and standards, avoiding potential fines and enhancing your reputation with regulators and partners. This compliance is crucial for maintaining operational licenses and customer trust.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to conducting SCADA Security Assessments involves a detailed, structured methodology designed to thoroughly evaluate the security of your SCADA systems:

1. System and Network Mapping

We begin by mapping out the entire SCADA network, including all devices, controllers, and software. This mapping helps us understand the architecture and pinpoint critical components that need focused assessment.

2. Vulnerability Identification and Analysis

Using a combination of automated tools and manual inspection, we identify vulnerabilities in the SCADA system, from outdated firmware to insecure network connections. This step includes checking for known vulnerabilities and potential pathways for cyber attackers.

3. Security Controls Assessment

We evaluate existing security controls and practices, assessing their effectiveness in protecting SCADA systems. This includes reviewing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and access control mechanisms to ensure they are properly configured and functioning.

4. Risk Assessment and Prioritization

Based on the vulnerabilities and security controls assessment, we conduct a risk assessment to prioritize issues based on their potential impact on your operations. This helps focus remediation efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities.

5. Reporting and Recommendations

A comprehensive report is provided, detailing all identified vulnerabilities, assessed risks, and actionable recommendations for enhancing the security of your SCADA systems. This report serves as a roadmap for making targeted improvements.

6. Remediation Support and Follow-Up

We offer support in implementing the recommended security enhancements and conduct follow-up assessments to ensure that all vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed. This continuous support helps maintain a high level of security.