Native App Assessments

Service Overview

Native applications, built specifically for platforms like iOS and Android, offer optimized performance and enhanced user experiences but also present unique security challenges. Malleum’s Native App Security Assessments are designed to rigorously evaluate the security posture of your native applications, identifying vulnerabilities that could expose user data and compromise application integrity. Our comprehensive assessments ensure that your apps meet the highest standards for security, protecting both your users and your brand.

Key Benefits

Robust Application Security
Strengthening your native apps against vulnerabilities prevents malicious exploits and safeguards user data. Our assessments detect and mitigate security risks, enhancing the overall security posture of your applications and ensuring a safe user environment.
Compliance with Mobile Security Standards
We ensure that your native apps adhere to strict mobile security standards and best practices, including those recommended by OWASP for mobile. Compliance not only enhances security but also builds user trust and confidence in your application.
Enhanced User Trust and Retention
Secure native apps foster greater user trust, leading to increased downloads and user retention. By demonstrating a commitment to security, you enhance your reputation and competitive edge in the app marketplace.
Protection of Sensitive Information
Our assessments focus on safeguarding sensitive information processed by your native apps, such as personal data, payment details, and credentials. This prevents data breaches and protects your users’ privacy.
Streamlined Development Processes
Integrating security assessments into the development lifecycle of native apps helps identify and resolve issues early, reducing costs and speeding up time-to-market. This proactive approach ensures that security is baked into your app from the start.
Optimized Performance and Security
Security assessments can also highlight performance optimizations, ensuring that your app not only runs securely but also efficiently. This dual focus on security and performance delivers a superior user experience.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to Native App Security Assessments integrates deep technical scrutiny with a strategic understanding of app security vulnerabilities, specifically targeting native iOS and Android platforms. Here’s how we conduct our comprehensive assessments:

1. Reconnaissance

We begin with a comprehensive analysis of the application’s environment and architecture. This includes identifying and documenting all components such as APIs, servers, and third-party services involved with the app. We then map out how data is handled and transferred within the app, pinpointing potential data exposure points. This step is crucial for understanding the pathways through which data travels and where it may be at risk. Finally, we determine the security boundaries within which the app operates, including the permissions it requires and the data it accesses. This helps in focusing subsequent security testing efforts on critical areas.

2. Scanning

We use both automated tools and manual testing methods to scan for vulnerabilities. This phase targets known security issues such as those listed in the OWASP Top 10 for mobile, as well as other vulnerabilities specific to native platforms. We also perform an in-depth review of the app’s source code to identify security flaws, particularly those that automated scans might miss, such as business logic errors or insecure handling of sessions.

3. Exploitation

If authorized, we simulate attacks on identified vulnerabilities to understand the real-world implications of potential exploits. This involves trying to exploit weaknesses to see if unauthorized actions can be performed within the app. We assess the impact of successful exploits to understand how they could affect the app’s functionality and user data. This helps prioritize the vulnerabilities in terms of their potential damage.

4. Post-Exploitation Analysis

In cases where an exploit succeeds, we further test to see what additional access or data can be compromised. This helps in understanding the full scope of a security breach. We investigate if and how an initial exploit could lead to additional exploits, mapping out the attack vectors that could be used to gain deeper access into the system.

5. Reporting on Security Recommendations and Remediation

Our detailed findings from the assessments are compiled into actionable insights on a comprehensive report. We provide tailored recommendations for remediation that align with the specific needs of your native app environment, ensuring that each suggestion is practical, achievable, and effective in enhancing your app’s security posture.

By adopting this thorough, nuanced approach, Malleum delivers native app security assessments that not only identify and address vulnerabilities but also enhance overall security practices, ensuring robust protection and compliance with high industry standards. This methodical assessment process is designed to provide you with the confidence that your native applications are secure, compliant, and ready to deliver a safe user experience.