Transportation & Logistics

Securing the Global Supply Chain and Public Transit from Cyber Threats


The Transportation and Logistics sector is pivotal in driving the global economy, ensuring the seamless flow of goods, services, and people. This sector, encompassing everything from freight and cargo transport to public transit systems, faces significant cybersecurity challenges. These challenges include safeguarding sensitive cargo information, protecting fleet management systems, and securing communication networks in maritime, port, and public transit operations. As digitalization increases, so does the vulnerability to cyberattacks that can disrupt operations, lead to financial losses, and compromise safety.

Malleum’s cybersecurity solutions for the Transportation and Logistics sector are designed to safeguard these critical systems and networks against a wide array of cyber threats. By protecting data, ensuring operational continuity, and securing communications, Malleum helps companies and public agencies maintain their crucial roles in global and local transport infrastructures.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the Transportation and Logistics sector involves bespoke strategies tailored to the unique vulnerabilities and operational demands of this diverse industry. Our process begins with thorough risk assessments to identify potential cybersecurity threats across various systems, including GPS tracking, port management, and public transit communications. We then deploy multi-layered security solutions, including intrusion detection systems, advanced encryption, and secure cloud services, to safeguard these critical operations.

Understanding the importance of resilience, we implement strategies designed to minimize downtime and ensure quick recovery from cyber incidents. This is particularly crucial in public transit and logistics, where delays can have widespread repercussions. Malleum also prioritizes compliance with international security regulations and works closely with clients to develop and refine cybersecurity policies and incident response plans.

Our commitment extends to training and capacity building, ensuring that staff across the transportation and logistics spectrum are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Freight and Cargo Transport
Cargo Tracking System Security
Malleum secures cargo tracking systems to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that location and logistic data remain confidential.
Cybersecurity for Fleet Management
We enhance the security of fleet management software and systems, protecting against cyber threats that could disrupt transportation schedules and operations.
Secure Communication for Logistics Operations
Malleum implements encrypted communication channels to protect the exchange of sensitive logistics information between drivers, dispatchers, and distribution centers.
Ransomware Protection for Freight Operations
We deploy advanced anti-ransomware measures to protect freight operations from cyberattacks that could paralyze transportation networks.
Maritime and Port Security
Maritime Communication System Security
Malleum secures maritime communication systems to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety and integrity of ship-to-shore communications.
Port Management System Cybersecurity
We enhance the cybersecurity of port management systems, protecting against disruptions that can lead to significant delays and financial losses.
Container Security and Tracking
Malleum ensures the security of container tracking systems, preventing tampering and unauthorized access to cargo information.
Cyber Resilience in Shipping Operations
We develop cyber resilience strategies for shipping operations to quickly recover from cyberattacks and maintain continuity of maritime logistics.
Public Transit
Public Transit System Network Security
Malleum implements robust cybersecurity measures to protect the network systems that manage public transit operations, ensuring safe and reliable service.
Fare Collection System Security
We secure electronic fare collection systems against cyber threats, protecting revenue and passenger data.
Real-Time Information System Protection
Malleum safeguards real-time transit information systems to ensure accurate and secure communication of schedules and delays to the public.
Cybersecurity Training for Transit Staff
We provide comprehensive cybersecurity training for transit staff to enhance their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats effectively.