Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Empowering SMEs to Thrive Securely in the Digital Landscape


Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy, driving innovation and employment. However, their size often makes them prime targets for cyberattacks due to limited resources and cybersecurity expertise. Common challenges include protecting customer data, securing online transactions, and safeguarding intellectual property from cyber threats. Additionally, SMEs must navigate the complexities of compliance with various data protection regulations while maintaining operational efficiency.

Malleum’s cybersecurity solutions for SMEs are designed to be accessible, scalable, and effective, allowing these businesses to secure their operations without extensive overhead. By focusing on proactive protection, risk management, and incident response, Malleum helps SMEs build resilience against cyber threats, ensuring they can focus on growth and innovation without compromising on security.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises focuses on delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions that address the specific needs of SMEs. We begin with a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and processes. Our team then tailors cybersecurity measures to fit the size and scope of each SME, ensuring that they receive the most relevant and impactful protection.

Our cybersecurity strategy for SMEs includes robust endpoint protection and strong access controls, all designed to protect against the most common threats faced by these businesses. We also emphasize the importance of cybersecurity awareness and training for employees, helping SMEs build a culture of security from within.

To ensure ongoing protection, Malleum provides regular security audits and updates, adapting strategies as the business grows and the threat landscape evolves. Our incident response support is ready to assist SMEs in quickly recovering from cyber incidents, minimizing downtime and protecting their reputation.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Small Businesses
Cybersecurity for Retail SMBs
Malleum helps small retail businesses secure their e-commerce platforms and POS systems, protecting customer transactions and data.
Data Protection for Service Providers
We implement data protection strategies for small service providers, ensuring that client information is secure and compliant with regulations.
Network Security for Small Offices
Malleum enhances network security for small office environments, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding business operations.
Email Security for Small Enterprises
We provide robust email security solutions to protect small enterprises from phishing attacks and secure their communications.
Medium Businesses
Endpoint Protection for Medium-Sized Businesses
Malleum delivers advanced endpoint protection solutions to safeguard medium-sized businesses from malware and cyberattacks.
Compliance and Risk Management
We assist medium businesses in achieving compliance with cybersecurity regulations and conducting thorough risk management assessments.
Cloud Security for Growing Enterprises
Malleum secures cloud environments for medium businesses, enhancing data security and collaboration in the cloud.
Cybersecurity Training and Awareness
We provide training and awareness programs for medium businesses to enhance their staff's ability to identify and respond to cyber threats.
Startup Cybersecurity Foundations
Malleum helps startups establish strong cybersecurity foundations, protecting their innovations and customer data from day one.
Secure Development for Tech Startups
We guide tech startups in secure software development practices, ensuring their products are secure by design.
Mobile and Web Application Security
Malleum secures mobile and web applications for startups, protecting against common vulnerabilities and cyber threats.
Virtual CISO Services for Rapid Growth
We provide virtual CISO services to guide startups through rapid growth phases, ensuring cybersecurity keeps pace with their expansion.
Growth Organizations
Scalable Cybersecurity Solutions
Malleum offers scalable cybersecurity solutions that grow with the organization, ensuring continuous protection during expansion.
Third-Party Risk Management
We help growth organizations manage third-party risks, securing their extended supply chains and partner networks.
Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments
Malleum conducts cybersecurity maturity assessments for growth organizations, helping them benchmark and improve their cybersecurity posture.
Incident Response Planning
We assist growth organizations in developing robust incident response plans, ensuring they are prepared to handle and recover from cyber incidents.