Engineering, Construction & Building Materials

Building Cyber Resilience in Construction and Engineering for a Secure Future


The Engineering, Construction, and Building Materials sectors are increasingly digitized, integrating advanced technologies from project design through to construction and maintenance. This digital transformation, while creating efficiencies, also exposes the industry to heightened cybersecurity risks. Cyber threats such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and unauthorized access to sensitive project information can lead to significant financial losses, safety concerns, and damage to reputation.

Malleum recognizes the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by these sectors, including the need to protect complex supply chains, secure large-scale project data, and ensure the integrity of automated and connected systems in construction operations. With extensive experience in delivering tailored cybersecurity solutions, Malleum is adept at enhancing the cyber resilience of companies within these industries, ensuring that they can operate securely, maintain compliance with industry standards, and protect their critical infrastructure.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the Engineering, Construction, and Building Materials sectors is proactive and comprehensive. We understand that these industries require robust security measures that cover a wide range of digital and physical assets. Our strategy involves a thorough assessment of the cybersecurity landscape to identify vulnerabilities and implement strategic measures to mitigate risks.

We collaborate closely with stakeholders to develop and deploy security solutions that protect against both internal and external threats. This includes securing communication channels, safeguarding sensitive design and structural data, and enhancing the security of IoT and smart construction technologies. By offering continuous monitoring, advanced threat detection, and incident response, Malleum ensures that our clients can confidently navigate the digital complexities of modern construction and engineering projects.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Secure Project Design Collaboration
Malleum can secure collaborative project design tools and data repositories to protect sensitive architectural and engineering plans from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of design processes.
IoT Security in Engineering Projects
We provide comprehensive IoT security solutions to protect connected devices and systems used in engineering projects, safeguarding data transfer and preventing vulnerabilities in smart infrastructure.
Compliance with Industry Cybersecurity Standards
Malleum helps engineering firms adhere to rigorous cybersecurity standards and regulations, ensuring that their practices and digital tools are compliant and secure from potential cyber threats.
Advanced Simulation Data Protection
We can protect sensitive simulation and modeling data used in engineering analysis, ensuring that this critical information remains secure from theft and manipulation.
Construction Site IoT Security
Malleum can enhance the security of IoT devices used on construction sites, such as connected machinery and sensors, to prevent cyber threats that could disrupt operations.
Secure Mobile Communication Systems
We ensure the security of mobile communication systems used by on-site workers and project managers, protecting against eavesdropping and unauthorized data access.
Vendor Risk Management
Malleum helps construction companies manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors and suppliers, securing the supply chain from potential vulnerabilities.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Security
We secure BIM environments to protect against cyber threats, ensuring that all stakeholders can collaborate safely on complex construction projects without compromising sensitive data.
Building Materials Manufacturers
Manufacturing Process Control System Security
Malleum provides security solutions for process control systems in building materials manufacturing, protecting against cyber threats that could impact production and quality.
Supply Chain Cybersecurity Enhancements
We enhance cybersecurity across the supply chain for building materials manufacturers, ensuring secure transactions and protecting against disruptions from cyber threats.
Protective Measures for Intellectual Property
Malleum safeguards intellectual property in building materials manufacturing, such as proprietary formulas and manufacturing techniques, from cyber espionage and theft.
Secure Data Analytics Platforms
We ensure the security of data analytics platforms used in building materials manufacturing, protecting data used for operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.