Cloud Security Assessments

Service Overview

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technologies, understanding the shared responsibility model of cloud security becomes essential. Major cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud define clear boundaries where their security responsibilities end and where customer responsibilities begin. Malleum’s Cloud Security Assessments help you navigate these models by identifying and evaluating the security controls within your purview, ensuring that your configurations, user access controls, and data management practices meet the highest security standards. Our comprehensive assessments not only address vulnerabilities and compliance gaps but also guide you in fulfilling your part of the security responsibility, crucial for safeguarding sensitive data stored in the cloud.

The implications of these responsibility models are significant, as they dictate that while the cloud provider secures the infrastructure, customers must protect their data, applications, and identity management systems. This often includes securing client-side data encryption, ensuring secure software configurations, managing robust access controls, and maintaining comprehensive monitoring to detect and respond to security incidents. Our service evaluates your adherence to these responsibilities, enhances your security postures, such as encryption practices and access policies, and aligns them with industry best practices and regulatory standards.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Data Protection
Our assessments focus on securing your cloud-stored data from unauthorized access and breaches. By identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, we safeguard sensitive information, ensuring it remains protected under stringent compliance regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.
Compliance Assurance
We ensure that your cloud environments comply with industry-specific regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties. Our comprehensive checks help maintain your reputation and customer trust by demonstrating a commitment to stringent security standards.
Optimized Cloud Security Posture
Our services enhance your cloud security architecture and policies, optimizing your configurations based on best practices and the latest security trends. This proactive approach not only secures your assets but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Our Approach

At Malleum, our approach to Cloud Security Assessments is designed to offer a comprehensive analysis of your cloud environment, ensuring it is secure, compliant, and optimized to face modern cybersecurity threats. Here’s how we systematically evaluate and enhance your cloud security posture:

1. Cloud Security Configuration Review

Our initial step involves a meticulous review of your cloud configurations across all deployed services. This includes examining network settings, access controls, encryption standards, data storage configurations, and other critical security parameters. We identify any misconfigurations or deviations from security best practices that could leave your environment vulnerable to attacks.

2. Review of Controls Against Policies and Standards

We align our assessment with your organizational security policies and the latest industry standards. By comparing your existing security controls against benchmarks such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST, and other relevant compliance frameworks, we ensure not only adherence to legal and regulatory requirements but also the implementation of industry-leading practices. This review helps in pinpointing areas where your controls may fall short and need strengthening.

3. Cloud Penetration Testing

Conducting rigorous penetration testing forms the core of our assessment strategy. Our experts simulate real-world attack scenarios to probe your cloud infrastructure, applications, and endpoints. This testing is crucial in identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external attackers or malicious insiders. The insights gained from these tests are vital for understanding potential security breaches and the effectiveness of your current defensive measures.

4. Audit of Controls and Collection of Evidence

To validate the operational effectiveness of your security controls, we perform an in-depth audit. This includes gathering concrete evidence such as logs, access records, and compliance reports that demonstrate the usage and effectiveness of the implemented controls. This phase ensures that all security measures not only exist but are actively enforced and effective in securing your cloud environment against potential threats.

5. Reporting and Strategic Recommendations

Following the assessment, we compile a detailed report that highlights key findings, identifies security gaps, and provides actionable recommendations. This report serves as a roadmap for enhancing your cloud security, offering specific guidance on how to address identified issues. We prioritize recommendations based on their impact and feasibility, helping you focus your resources effectively.