Electric Power & Natural Gas

Empowering Energy Security: Safeguarding Electric and Gas Infrastructures from Cyber Threats


The Electric Power and Natural Gas industries are foundational to the global economy, providing essential energy resources that power homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. However, the increasing digitization and connectivity of energy systems have exposed these sectors to significant cybersecurity threats. Cyberattacks can lead to disruptions in power supply, compromise safety controls, and result in substantial financial and reputational damage.

Malleum understands the complex cybersecurity landscape of the Electric Power and Natural Gas sectors. With our expertise, we help energy providers protect their critical infrastructure from cyber threats, ensure the resilience of their operations, and maintain compliance with industry regulations like NERC CIP and other cybersecurity standards. Malleum’s tailored cybersecurity solutions are designed to defend against sophisticated cyber threats while supporting the uninterrupted supply of energy.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the Electric Power and Natural Gas sectors is centered around a deep understanding of the operational and regulatory nuances that characterize these industries. We provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services, including risk assessments, network security enhancements, and incident response strategies, tailored specifically for the energy sector.

Our team works closely with energy providers to implement robust cybersecurity measures that protect critical infrastructure components, such as control systems, operational technology (OT), and data communication networks. By integrating advanced security technologies and practices, Malleum ensures that energy operations are protected against both external and internal cyber risks. Our proactive monitoring and continuous improvement strategies are designed to adapt to the evolving threat landscape, ensuring that energy providers can focus on their core mission of delivering reliable power and gas services.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Electric Power Generation & Distribution
Protective Measures for SCADA Systems
Malleum can enhance the security of SCADA systems used in electric power generation and distribution, safeguarding against unauthorized access and cyberattacks that could disrupt energy flow.
Grid Resilience Against Cyber Threats
We provide solutions to bolster the resilience of power grids against cyber threats, ensuring continuous and reliable energy distribution even in the face of potential cyber incidents.
Compliance with NERC CIP Regulations
Malleum helps power companies ensure compliance with NERC CIP cybersecurity standards, safeguarding critical infrastructure and maintaining operational integrity.
Cybersecurity Training for Energy Professionals
We offer specialized cybersecurity training programs for energy sector professionals to equip them with the skills needed to recognize and respond to cyber threats effectively.
Natural Gas Infrastructure
Securing Pipeline Control Systems
Malleum can secure pipeline control systems against cyber threats, ensuring safe and uninterrupted natural gas delivery.
IoT Security in Gas Operations
We enhance the security of IoT devices used in natural gas operations to protect against vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access.
Data Protection for Gas Distribution Networks
Malleum ensures the protection of data across gas distribution networks, preventing cyberattacks that could compromise operational data and consumer information.
Vendor Risk Management for Gas Suppliers
We assist natural gas suppliers in managing and mitigating cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors, securing the supply chain from potential cyber threats.
Support and Services
Cybersecurity for Energy Management Systems
Malleum can protect energy management systems with advanced cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that operational technologies remain secure from threats.
Incident Response for Energy Emergencies
We develop and implement incident response plans for energy emergencies, ensuring quick recovery from cyberattacks and minimizing service disruptions.
Secure Smart Metering Solutions
Malleum secures smart metering solutions to protect against cyberattacks and ensure the integrity and accuracy of energy usage data.
Enhancing OT Security in Energy Facilities
We enhance the security of operational technology in energy facilities, protecting against cyber threats that could impact critical operational functions.