Agriculture and Agri-Food

Fortifying Farm to Table: Proactive Cyber Defense for Agriculture and Agri-Food


The Agriculture and Agri-Food sector is increasingly dependent on digital technology, from precision farming and automated processing to supply chain logistics and market access. As these technologies evolve, so do the cybersecurity challenges that threaten to disrupt the essential operations of the sector. Cyber threats can compromise farm management systems, disrupt processing facilities, and jeopardize the secure and efficient transport of goods, all of which can have profound impacts on food security and safety.

Malleum is at the forefront of addressing these cybersecurity challenges, offering robust solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Agriculture and Agri-Food industry. Our expertise helps protect critical infrastructure, secure sensitive data, and ensure the integrity of automated agricultural systems. By partnering with Malleum, agribusinesses can fortify their defenses against cyber threats, maintain regulatory compliance, and safeguard their operations from farm to fork.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the Agriculture and Agri-Food sector involves a comprehensive strategy that blends technology, process, and awareness to address the sector’s specific challenges. We start by conducting detailed risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within farming operations, processing facilities, and supply chains. Our team then implements tailored security measures, including network security enhancements, IoT device protection, and secure data management practices.

We recognize the importance of compliance with agricultural and food safety regulations, and we ensure that all cybersecurity measures support these standards. Malleum provides ongoing monitoring and rapid response services to detect and respond to potential cyber incidents quickly, minimizing disruption to operations. Additionally, we offer cybersecurity training for agricultural professionals to enhance their ability to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Crop Production and Precision Agriculture
Secure IoT Deployment in Precision Farming
Malleum secures IoT devices used in precision agriculture, protecting data on crop health, soil conditions, and farm operations from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Data Security for Farm Management Systems
We protect farm management systems from cyberattacks, ensuring that data on planting, harvesting, and resource use remains secure and confidential.
Cyber Protection for Automated Agricultural Equipment
Malleum implements cybersecurity measures for automated agricultural equipment, preventing unauthorized control and ensuring the safety and reliability of operations.
Compliance with Agri-Food Safety Regulations
We ensure that cybersecurity practices comply with agri-food safety regulations, helping producers maintain the integrity and safety of their products.
Livestock Management and Dairy Technology
Protection of Livestock Data and Health Records
Malleum secures livestock data and health records against cyber threats, protecting information critical to animal health and farm operations.
Cybersecurity for Dairy Production Technology
We safeguard dairy production technology, including milking robots and dairy management software, from cyber vulnerabilities.
Secure Supply Chain for Animal Feed and Pharmaceuticals
Malleum enhances the security of supply chains for animal feed and pharmaceuticals, protecting against cyber threats that can disrupt supplies.
IoT Security in Animal Monitoring Systems
We protect IoT-enabled animal monitoring systems from cyber threats, ensuring that tracking and health monitoring data are secure.
Food Processing and Safety
Cybersecurity for Food Processing Automation
Malleum ensures the cybersecurity of automated systems in food processing plants, protecting against threats that can lead to production shutdowns or contamination.
Data Protection in Food Safety Monitoring
We secure data involved in food safety monitoring and compliance, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of safety records.
Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management in Agri-Food
Malleum manages cyber risks across the agri-food supply chain, from producers to processors, ensuring that all nodes are protected against disruptions.
Enhanced Security for Food Traceability Systems
We protect food traceability systems, ensuring that tracking information from farm to table is secure from cyber threats.