Paper, Forest Products, & Packaging

Safeguarding Sustainability: Cybersecurity for the Paper and Packaging Industry


The Paper, Forest Products, and Packaging industry plays a crucial role in global supply chains, delivering essential materials for various consumer and industrial products. As these sectors embrace digital transformation, from automated production lines to IoT-enabled supply chains, they also face significant cybersecurity challenges. These include protecting sensitive data, ensuring operational continuity, and guarding against disruptions caused by cyber threats.

Malleum is well-versed in the unique cybersecurity needs of the Paper, Forest Products, and Packaging industry. We provide specialized cybersecurity services designed to protect these critical infrastructures from potential cyberattacks, ensuring that operations run smoothly and sustainably. With a focus on robust cybersecurity practices, Malleum helps clients in this sector defend against threats, maintain compliance with environmental and industrial regulations, and secure their production and supply chain processes.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to cybersecurity in the Paper, Forest Products, and Packaging industry centers on understanding the specific operational technologies and processes unique to these sectors. Our strategies are tailored to address the risks associated with industrial control systems, supply chain integration, and data management across distributed networks.

We begin with comprehensive risk assessments to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, followed by the implementation of tailored security measures, including secure data handling practices, network segmentation, and penetration testing. Malleum’s ongoing support services ensure that our clients can quickly adapt to and minimize downtime and operational disruptions.

Collaboration with industry stakeholders is key to our approach. We work closely with clients to develop policies and protocols that not only meet regulatory requirements but also foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization. This holistic strategy enhances resilience against cyber threats and supports the sustainable growth of the industry.

Services We Provide

Industries We've Served

Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
Integrated Cybersecurity for Automation Systems
Malleum ensures the security of automation systems used in pulp and paper manufacturing, which are crucial for controlling production processes. By securing these systems, we protect against disruptions that could affect both productivity and product quality.
Data Protection in Production Monitoring
We safeguard data collected through production monitoring systems, ensuring that sensitive operational data is protected against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Secure Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Malleum enhances cybersecurity measures along the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to product delivery, ensuring that all stages are protected against potential cyber intrusions.
Regulatory Compliance Assurance
We assist pulp and paper manufacturers in complying with industry-specific cybersecurity regulations, helping them meet legal standards while protecting sensitive environmental and production data.
Packaging Solutions
Protection of Design and Intellectual Property
Malleum protects the intellectual property related to packaging designs and proprietary manufacturing processes, securing them against theft and unauthorized access.
IoT Security in Packaging Production
We secure IoT devices used across the packaging production lines, ensuring that these connected devices are safeguarded against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.
Customer Data Security in Order Processing
Malleum implements stringent security measures to protect customer data during order processing, ensuring confidentiality and integrity throughout the transaction process.
Cybersecurity Audits for Operational Technology
We conduct thorough cybersecurity audits for operational technology systems used in packaging solutions, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing necessary security enhancements.
Forest Products
Securing Forestry Equipment and Technology
Malleum ensures that forestry equipment and related technology, such as GPS and forest management software, are protected against cyber threats, enhancing operational security.
Cyber Risk Assessments for Timber Operations
We conduct cyber risk assessments tailored for timber operations, addressing specific threats and vulnerabilities associated with the forestry sector.
Supply Chain Integrity for Forest Products
Malleum enhances the security of the supply chain for forest products, from harvest to market, ensuring that each step is protected against cyber threats.
Environmental Compliance Data Security
We safeguard environmental compliance data, crucial for forest product companies, ensuring that it is protected from cyber threats and meets regulatory requirements.