Enterprise Penetration Testing

Service Overview

Malleum’s Enterprise Penetration Testing service delves deep into your organization’s cybersecurity defenses to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. Our manual penetration tests are meticulously designed to simulate real-world attacks, uncovering potential weaknesses that automated tools might miss. This comprehensive testing approach enhances your security by evaluating the adequacy of protections across key areas such as Access Control, Network Security, Data Confidentiality, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, and Business Continuity.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Security Insights
Our manual penetration testing provides in-depth insights into your security framework, uncovering hidden vulnerabilities and configuration errors that automated tools might miss. By identifying and addressing these weaknesses, your organization can reinforce its defenses against sophisticated cyber threats.
Real-World Attack Simulation
We simulate actual attack scenarios using advanced techniques to understand how attackers could exploit your systems. This realistic approach helps in testing the resilience of your security measures under controlled conditions, preparing you to better withstand potential cyber attacks.
Customized Vulnerability Assessment
Tailored specifically to your network's architecture, our penetration tests ensure a thorough evaluation of critical systems and applications. This bespoke analysis helps safeguard your essential digital assets and ensures that all areas of vulnerability are addressed.
Detailed Risk Evaluation
By exploiting identified vulnerabilities, our team provides a practical assessment of potential impacts, helping prioritize which security issues to address first based on their potential to harm your business operations or leak sensitive data.
Strategic Security Enhancements
The insights gained from our tests are used to fortify your cybersecurity strategies, enhancing overall defenses and preparing you to counter emerging cyber threats effectively.
Intellectual Property Protection
Our testing helps protect your most valuable data—your intellectual property. By securing the systems that store and process your IP, we help prevent the theft of proprietary information that could jeopardize your competitive advantage.
Regulatory Compliance Assurance
Many industries are governed by strict regulatory standards requiring robust cybersecurity measures. Our penetration testing helps ensure that your security controls meet these requirements, keeping you compliant and avoiding potential fines and penalties.
Customer Trust and Satisfaction
Ensuring the security of customer data not only meets contractual obligations but also builds trust and enhances customer relationships. Our services help demonstrate your commitment to protecting customer information, aligning with their expectations and requirements.
Strategic Risk Management
Our penetration testing goes beyond identifying and patching vulnerabilities—it integrates into your broader risk management strategy. By understanding the specific threats that could exploit your network's weaknesses, we help you prioritize security initiatives effectively. This targeted approach ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, enhancing your overall security posture while optimizing expenditure. This proactive management of cybersecurity risks supports sustainable business growth and resilience against threats.

Our Approach

Malleum’s Enterprise Penetration Testing service is distinguished by its rigorous, manual approach that closely mimics sophisticated cyber attacks. By emphasizing hands-on testing, we offer our clients a more accurate and realistic assessment of their cybersecurity defenses. Here’s how we ensure comprehensive coverage and deep insights into your security landscape:

1. Intelligence Gathering

Our process begins with a detailed reconnaissance phase where we collect information about your digital footprint. This includes identifying publicly accessible assets and internal resources that could be potential targets for attackers. We meticulously map out the network to understand the interconnections and potential entry points, preparing us for a targeted approach that reflects real-world attack scenarios.

2. Manual Vulnerability Scanning

Unlike many cybersecurity tests that rely heavily on automated tools, our penetration tests are predominantly manual. Our experts actively probe your systems to uncover vulnerabilities that automated scans might overlook. This manual scanning includes checking for misconfigurations, unpatched systems, and weak encryption that could be exploited by attackers.

3. Exploitation Simulation

With authorization, our team simulates attacks on identified vulnerabilities. This critical step goes beyond theoretical vulnerabilities; it tests them in the real-world context to see what an actual exploitation could achieve. Whether it’s accessing sensitive data, escalating privileges, or disrupting services, we assess the true impact of each vulnerability.

4. Post-Exploitation Analysis

If a breach is achieved during testing, we proceed with post-exploitation activities to determine the depth of the intrusion. This includes exploring further access within the network to identify secondary paths and vulnerabilities that could be exploited after the initial breach. This phase is crucial for understanding the potential for lateral movement and deeper network penetration.

5. Reporting and Strategic Recommendations

We provide a detailed report that includes not only our findings but also contextual analysis and actionable recommendations. Each report is tailored to offer both executive summaries and technical details, ensuring all levels of your organization understand the risks and the steps needed to mitigate them.

By adopting a manual, thorough approach to penetration testing, Malleum ensures that your defenses are not just evaluated, but truly battle-tested against tactics employed by advanced threat actors. This process not only identifies vulnerabilities but also enhances your understanding of how to defend against real-world attacks, thereby significantly strengthening your cybersecurity posture.