IoT & Embedded Devices

Service Overview

IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded devices are increasingly intertwined in the fabric of everyday life, from smart home systems to industrial IoT applications. However, these devices are a vulnerable point in network security, susceptible to a range of cyber threats that can compromise personal privacy and operational safety. Malleum’s IoT & Embedded Devices Security Assessments are tailored to address these unique challenges, ensuring that your devices are secure from design to deployment and operation.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Device Security
Our assessments rigorously evaluate the security of IoT and embedded devices against potential cyberattacks, ensuring these devices are fortified to protect both data and functionality. We help prevent unauthorized access and manipulation, thereby maintaining the integrity and reliability of your device operations.
Compliance with Industry Standards
We ensure that your devices comply with leading industry standards, such as those set by the IoT Security Foundation or specific regulations like GDPR for devices handling personal data. Compliance reduces the risk of legal issues and builds consumer trust in your product's security.
Prevention of Data Breaches
By securing IoT and embedded devices, our service helps prevent data breaches that could lead to significant financial and reputational damage. We safeguard sensitive information from being exploited by unauthorized parties, ensuring data privacy and protection.
Minimized Risk of Downtime
Secure IoT and embedded devices are less likely to suffer from failures due to security breaches, which can cause operational downtime. Our assessments help maintain continuous operation, essential for devices critical to personal and industrial applications.
Increased Consumer Confidence
Demonstrating strong security measures and compliance with regulations enhances consumer confidence in your products. This can lead to higher sales volumes and a stronger brand reputation as consumers prefer secure and reliable technologies.
Long-Term Cost Savings
Investing in the security of IoT and embedded devices from the outset can lead to significant cost savings by avoiding the expenses associated with security breaches and non-compliance penalties. Our assessments provide a cost-effective solution to maintain the security integrity of your devices throughout their lifecycle.

Our Approach

Malleum’s approach to securing IoT and embedded devices involves a comprehensive, multi-layered assessment strategy designed to identify vulnerabilities and enhance device security:

1. Architecture and Network Review

We start by reviewing the architecture of the IoT ecosystem and the network configurations associated with your devices. This includes assessing how devices communicate with each other and with central servers, identifying potential points of vulnerability.

2. Vulnerability Assessment

Using specialized tools and methodologies, we perform thorough vulnerability assessments of the hardware and software components of IoT and embedded devices. This includes static and dynamic analysis of device firmware and associated applications.

3. Physical Security Testing

For devices that might be subject to physical tampering, we conduct tests to evaluate their resilience against such threats. This ensures that physical breaches do not lead to security compromises.

4. Penetration Testing

We simulate real-world attack scenarios to evaluate how well the devices can withstand attempted breaches. This practical test provides insights into the real-world effectiveness of current security measures and highlights areas needing improvement.

5. Security Control Implementation

Based on our findings, we recommend and help implement robust security controls that address identified vulnerabilities. This might include improvements in encryption practices, authentication mechanisms, and firmware update processes.

6. Compliance Verification and Documentation

We ensure all security enhancements meet relevant compliance standards and thoroughly document the assessment process and outcomes. This documentation is vital for regulatory audits and continuous improvement processes.

Our IoT & Embedded Devices Security Assessments provide the expertise and insights needed to protect your devices against emerging threats, helping you maintain a secure and trusted technology environment.