Malleum is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in both defensive and offensive security solutions. We leverage our deep expertise to identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities in critical software and systems that others cannot. Malleum adapts and grows with the industry to provide leading edge solutions.

Adversarial Emulation

Malleum’s experts will test your network and systems’ resiliency against advanced attackers or advanced persistent threats (APTs) using our proprietary methodologies.

Malleum simulates the very real threats that face your organization with our adversarial emulation services. Our team is comprised of experienced ethical hackers who have extensive knowledge penetrating cyber security defences, assessing vulnerabilities, and launching fully coordinated red team exercises that will compromise your environment. We offer a full suite of services focused on Adversarial Emulation that will bolster your organization’s defences and detection abilities.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are highly technical assessments of your organization’s defence against the exploitation of weaknesses in your technology infrastructure. Malleum’s experts utilize hands-on, manual testing that is informed by targeted research to produce innovative results. Our proprietary penetration testing methodology is based on industry-recognized security testing standards. We identify never-before-seen (zero-day) vulnerabilities that are intricately interlaced into complex IT and OT systems in your infrastructure.

Malleum is trusted to perform penetration tests by one of the world’s top navigation service providers to secure its air traffic control systems.

Application Assessment

Security starts at the source. Application assessments identify weaknesses that were introduced to your systems and network during the design, development, deployment and integration phases. We use customer exploit development, reverse engineering, and low-level programming techniques to verify that your code is airtight. Our experts measure your vulnerabilities by the severity of outcome and probability of compromise.

Malleum is trusted to identify critical security flaws in the world’s best-selling and leading core banking software.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a highly advanced and coordinated assessment that emulates the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of real-world threats from an adversarial perspective to train and measure the resiliency of the people, processes, and technology used to defend an environment. Malleum’s proprietary Red Team methodology utilizes the MITRE ATT&CK framework to identify and validate real-world threats. Our experts authenticate a unique threat profile for your organization, create comprehensive playbooks that replicate the TTPs of your real-world adversaries, and unleash a coordinated team assault to compromise your systems and train your defenders.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Malleum will provide your organization with a strategy to effectively manage your organization’s overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations. Our GRC professionals have over 50 years combined experience in the industry, consulting on the execution of comprehensive programmes for large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors.

We offer our clients a full organizational review that includes a detailed threat and risk profile, an independent assessment of control and practice maturity, an analysis of organizational risks, and recommendations to address any gaps identified in your security.

Malleum Resilience Program

Malleum will strategically align technology, surveillance, risk management, cyber incident response and oversight responsibilities for day-to-day governance at your organization. We provide both a functional and substantive emphasis around how your key activities and data management practices are organized. Our professionals bring all their expertise together to provide your organization an all-encompassing service to strengthen resilience against attacks.

Malleum established the cybersecurity framework, policies, and standards to secure a strategically important financial corporation that safeguards over $800 billion in deposits.

Compliance Assessment

The cyber risk environment is constantly changing, and compliance assessments are standards-based evaluations of your current security compliance posture.

Malleum will provide your organization with standards-based evaluations of your current security compliance posture. Our hands-on understanding of the cyber threat landscape and technology informs our unique approach to conducting assessments. Our experts will provide your organization an expedited identification of interoperable mitigation measures for sustained risk reduction activities that achieve compliance.

Malleum ensures that the critical infrastructure for one world’s top 10 largest hydroelectric power station operators is secure and compliant.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Malleum will assess the threats acting against your organization’s existing security controls and determine the risk in terms of the probability of compromise and the severity of risk. Our experts deploy the learned best practices they have derived from decades of cross-sector experience to evaluate organizational risk management measures and approaches. Malleum’s proposed approach to assessing maturity and risk is based on an amalgamation of applicable assessment methodologies, including NIST 800-30 Revision 1, ISO/IEC 27005, and the RCMP’s Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment (HTRA) methodology.

Malleum implements military-grade risk management practices at a prestigious organization that assesses the credentials of thousands of doctors each year in over 80 countries.

Malleum Advisory

Malleum provides a strategic, tactical, and hands-on approach that gives your organization all the tools to overcome your cybersecurity challenges. Our experts stand out in their field, having presented innovative cybersecurity research at the world’s largest security conferences including DEF CON, SecTOR, and HackFest. Our team of experts will provide your organization a strategic, tactical, and hands-on educational approach to equip you with all the tools you need to prepare for and overcome attacks by your adversaries.

Malleum CISO

Malleum’s CISOs are security leaders that advise your organization to plan and execute a purpose-built security roadmap. Our CISOs are experienced leaders who comfortably report to Board of Directors and Executive Teams at large multi-national organizations. Malleum leaders provide strategic advice about complex technology risk, compliance, and regulatory frameworks.

Malleum leaders bring both strategic and tactical leadership on security to a fast-growing healthcare software provider who helps thousands of medical practitioners complete millions of engagements.

Training Programs

Malleum will help your organization maintain currency in the key domains of cybersecurity. We will create fully customized training programs that reflect your technical roles, identity your knowledge gap, and meet your unique training requirements. Our hands-on approach to education incorporates active learning methods where trainees learn by doing. Trainees will interact with their environment, adapt accordingly to real-life scenarios, and learn as they overcome challenges.

Malleum is actively involved in the training and development of our next generation of cybersecurity experts; we are a contributing member of a national-level training campaign funded by our country’s central bank.

Cloud Security

Malleum provides the expertise and support to help your organization through the software development lifecycle or its cloud transformation and configuration. Malleum provides your organization cloud security consulting services from exploitation and vulnerability.

Our experts will support your organization whether it is transitioning to the cloud for the first time, or whether you require a support on your existing configurations. We also provide comprehensive support throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from the design and development phases, testing and operations, as well as operations and maintenance.

Malleum DevOps

We will build in security and compliance to your organization’s entire software development lifecycle from design and development through testing and deployment to operations and maintenance.

Our security professionals leverage their knowledge gained in software development and offensive security to minimize your risk and ensure compliance while your projects scales and accelerates your SDLC.

Malleum secures the development and operations on cloud platforms at one of Canada’s premier medical insurers, with a multi-billion-dollar investment portfolio.

Secure Cloud Transformation

As your organization embraces cloud technology, Malleum’s secure cloud transformation expertise will assure security, privacy, and compliance.

Malleum will work with your organization to assure security, privacy, and compliance with a secure cloud transformation to support your businesses’ embrace of cloud technologies. Our experts will leverage their innovative research on the technical vulnerabilities in the cloud control plane that manages and interacts with cloud services, to support your organization.

Malleum secures the cloud initiatives at the #1 ranked pension plan among nearly 40 Canadians funds with market values above $1 billion.

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